Carousel project (Processing)

The project interprets the relationship between a space location and temporal occurrences. It evokes the cone of light, a notion of special relativity explained by the mathematician Hermann Minskowski at the beginning of the twentieth century that represents the space-time in the past and the possible future for an observer at a time to a specific point.

What is proposed in these dimensional evolutions, it is to find at repeated intervals the photographs intact, but oscillating between the reality of the landscape elements present in the photographs towards the effects of superimpositions, cuts and geometric shear crisscrossed. We are then spectators of landscape transformations caused by nature (weather conditions, sunlight, reflections on the ground, on rain or snow) and by the urban human presence (motor vehicles, runners, walkers, reconstruction of the kiosk) regardless of the photographer’s action. The eye is returned to the centre of the work. The everydayness of images then explodes with their manipulation by computer coding. We are witnessing the reappropriation of the cosmic dimension of our daily lives.