Montreal crime project (Unity and Max MSP)

A data file lists the criminal acts, their categories including their date and their location in latitude and longitude coordinates. Another file contains polygon coordinates for police ward posts. Greenwich is the zero point of longitudes and latitudes in the real world and also in the program of this project.

Although the number of events presented is very large, the types of these elements will be reduced to two types of primitive virtual objects in rendering: The first type of object will be the criminal act (blue spheres) appearing in the geographic coordinates over days and at a random altitude; The second type of object (red rectangle parallelepipeds) will represent the layout of the geographical perimeter of the neighbourhood police posts. The data / metadata is transposed into a dynamic visual representation presenting the events in time. The support will be a computer screen or a projection screen (with a “dashboard” effect) and it will be programmed in C # scripts in the  Unity 3D editor.