The fixed radio telescope of the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment project (CHIME) records the Fast Radio Bursts detected by the measurement of hydrogen in and beyond our galaxy. Fast Radio Bursts are transient radio pulses lasting from less than a millisecond to a few seconds emitting as much energy as the sun emits in a few days. This phenomenon is still not explained today.

This musical exploration exploits data from CHIME’s catalog 1 recorded over a year, reducing them to an accelerated duration of 6 minutes. Through a mapping process, the frequencies of Fast Radio Bursts picked up from 400 to 800 MHz are recalibrated and processed through a polyphonic algorithm in Max MSP. The data thus transformed shapes different timbres and sounds mainly by using frequency modulation synthesis, popularized in 1967 by John Chowning. The original positions of detection of Fast Radio Bursts in the galaxies are then brought back in the Max MSP algorithm to the left/right spatial orientation.

Reference: arXiv:2106.04352 [astro-ph.HE]

Off all horizons




Musical study on a visual plot from an unknown source

On the run…