AI robotics project (Jetson Nano, PyTorch, OpenCV, C ++. Python and Max MSP)

A robot travels on its way, in its world which boils down to a square. With his camera, his eye, he captures images that he uses with his artificial neural network to decide his path. Another system watches it evolve, but it cannot move. He is different. It determines the robot’s position and records its movements. It projects what the robot sees onto the robot’s path. Over time and the robot’s movements, these images fade away. It reacts to the robot’s movements by projecting colours and making sounds.

The robot writes its story by capturing the images in near real time and analyzing them to move. It captures these images in a continuous and limited cycle of a few frames per second, but it is constantly moving, activated according to the latest information it has received and processed. The robot’s decisions are linked to its artificial intelligence from the objective images it perceives.

The subjectivity of the robot observer is expressed by the projections of colours and by the emission of sounds. Colours and sounds are two different mediums, but they are created from the same elements: coordinate and angle data that is used in the project as seeds that injected into algorithms and some of the random values ​​will produce colours and sounds. They are artifices produced by a machine.

This semi-random production of colours and the projection of the images seen by the robot on its way will have consequences on the robot. The path of the latter will be modified by this visual information from which it is in a way the origin. A dialogue is established between the observer and the observed.

The robot will be made to see its own path through the images it has captured, broadcast and then projected onto the area of ​​light. There is a kind of infinite mirror effect here, he sees the images he has seen and retransmits them so that they can be seen again by him.

The successive images of the images captured on his journey form a ouroboros evoking the cycle of time.